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Welcome to the Fort Scott Camps website, which was established in 1996. We have more than 400 Fort Scotters on our e-mail database list who worked or camped there, and we have received countless visitors since the website's inception! This site is dedicated to the memory of Fort Scott Camps, Cincinnati, Ohio, which closed following the summer season of 1988. In the last 20 years, the camp property was transformed into a residential complex (see info and photos). Those who had the fortune of working, living, and loving there will never forget it and what it means. Long live missed bedchecks, WPs, raids, rodeos, war nights, and trips to Flicks for Burger Beer.

There are a number of Fort Scott Camp videos posted to YouTube (please note that occasionally YouTube reorganizes its content and the following links may not work), including:

In addition, we have more than 800 people who are members of the Fort Scott Camps Facebook page. Although there is a lot of unique information on this website, the Facebook page makes it easy for people to post their photos and for others to make comments on them... you should check it out if you're a member of Facebook!

Fort Scott is now closed. However, sometimes visitors ask where they can send their kids to camp today. Two possibilities are Camp Ernst (in Northern KY, near the CVG airport) and Camp Wyandot (in the Hocking Hills, south of Columbus, OH; see also CampFire USA Central Ohio Council). These listings should not be viewed as endorsements, but both of these camps are headed by people with Fort Scott ties and both feature long-established histories and ACA accreditation.

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