Fort Scott in the News

Dedication of St. Victor's Chapel, March 11, 1935 (The Cincinnati Post)
Chief Tonaka at camp, August 2, 1954 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Camp points to good citizenry, August 11, 1956 (Cincinnati Times-Star)*
Feature on Sister Mary Morley, July 26, 1974 (Catholic Telegraph)*
Dedication of Wagner Lodge, June 4, 1978 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)*
Feature on Fort Scott Forever Young, July 7, 1982 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Fort Scott Camp history, May 1, 1987 (Catholic Telegraph)
Sidebar on Doc Schroder, May 1, 1987 (Catholic Telegraph)
Listing of camp program directors, May 1, 1987 (Catholic Telegraph)
Fort Scott 65th anniversary, June 28, 1987 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Fort Scott to close, December 27, 1988 (The Cincinnati Post)
Fort Scott to close next year, December 28, 1988 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
The sad passing of Fort Scott, April 8, 1989 (Editorial, The Cincinnati Enquirer)
National attention on camp's closing, May 7, 1989 (The New York Times)
Taps plays for Fort Scott, May 13, 1989 (The Cincinnati Post)
Unhappy campers say goodbye, May 14, 1989 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Camp auction, June 18, 1989 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
Fort Scott Website covered, February 8, 2000 (The Cincinnati Post)
Doc Schroder's Obituary, May 9, 2001 (The Cincinnati Enquirer)
New Housing Development at Fort Scott, November 5, 2004 (Cincinnati Business Courier)

*Thanks to Sister Mary Morley for providing these newsclippings

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